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In-person instruction

Hello 104 Parents!

The health and safety of the children in our community is our number one priority. We have all been experiencing a new way of life with COVID 19. We have been quarantined to our homes, had to wear masks outside, physically distance ourselves from loved ones and friends, and some of us have not been allowed to go to work or school.

Now, that some parts of our lives are making their way back to a new “normal” we want you to be prepared for some of the changes that you and your child will experience when you return. We intend to take all reasonable precautions, such as:


Physical Distancing: To ensure safety, class activities will be completed in separate groups, individually, or class sizes will be reduced. Classroom furniture will be arranged to provide more space for children to play.  Windows may be open to provide more air circulation. When possible, nap equipment (cribs, cots or mats) will be separated 6 feet apart with children facing head to toe at naptime. Mealtimes will no longer be done in family-style, but staff will serve the children their meals. Children will be spaced apart and not facing each other during mealtimes as well, in order to limit the number of children in close proximity.

Masks: Students and staff must wear masks at all times with the exception of meal and nap time. Students will be issued 3 cloth masks. They should come to school in a clean mask each day. 

Sanitizing and Disinfecting: To keep everyone as safe as possible, we will intensify our efforts to keep our school disinfected. Staff will increase their frequency of cleaning surfaces and classroom materials. Surfaces such as doorknobs, sink handles, and railings will be disinfected regularly.

Hand Washing: Children and staff will wash hands more frequently throughout the day to reduce the transmission of germs. Hand washing is still the #1 way of combating illness. Proper handwashing will be reinforced in the childcare sites and will be monitored closely by staff


We are committed to protecting the health of our children, staff, and families by taking the everyday preventative measures listed above, however, it is also important for families to monitor their own health for any symptoms.

  • We ask that you assist us in our efforts to prevent the spread of illness by continuing to practice proper hand washing at home. 
  • It is also very important to follow our program’s exclusion policies. If children are ill, please keep them at home.  If you have questions about those exclusion policies, please let us know. These policies have been altered or updated to reflect additional Covid-19 safety measures. 
  • We ask that you notify us immediately should your child, or someone in the household, become ill.
  • If you need to meet with us you are welcome to make an appointment for a virtual conference.


We will continue to follow these guidelines diligently to stop the spread of Covid-19. The CDC website will continue to be monitored closely for any additional guidelines and precautions. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We thank you for your partnership during this time and will continue to update you as we receive new information.


We look forward to welcoming you and your child back to school!


Warmest Regards,


Ms. Lee, Ms. McGlothin & Ms. Ware