Welcome to Pre-K




Home – Freda Mapes – Brown's Chapel Elementary School

Welcome to Full Day PreK! We hope your family is remaining safe and healthy as well as enjoying the new year. We are excited to have your child amongst our group. We believe that ongoing communication is key to your child's success and to a great parent/teacher relationship. We highly encourage you to continue to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. We will also continue to do our part by reaching out to you via phone calls, classdojo or email.


Our classroom is a community made up of unique individuals each with their own learning style, strengths, interests, history, hopes, and dreams. Regular attendance is crucial to your child's ongoing progress. Your child's time is spent learning various math concepts such as counting, number recognition, shapes etc. In addition, various literacy activities are being conducted daily as well. Social-emotional development is also very necessary for your child's growth. We have been carefully preparing activities for the group as well as for the individual.


We look forward to seeing your child daily. However, we ask that you adhere to all safety measures before bringing your child to school. Please monitor their health closely and make sure they are wearing a face mask daily.  


Thank you for your cooperation in partnering with us.